And here’s Rodrigo Amarante playing two marvelous songs, “Irene” and “The Ribbon,” while walking around Paris. He even throws in a Dylan impersonation in between songs for good measure.

AlternLatino Playlist for 8.9.14

1oo10-Silhouettes-Hotmelt EP
Teen Flirt-Secrets
Mamacita-No Eres Tu-No Eres Tu

MKRNI-Dime Que Si-Canciones
Nva Orleans-Satanas-Las Caras de La Muerte

DJ Raff-Paseo Con Audifonos-Latino & Proud
Mariel Mariel-Los Bajos Vibran En Mi Pecho-Foto Pa Ti
Bill Yonson-Whatsapp-El Principe Del Mar
The Guadaloops-Paranoica

Gus Goose-Dulces en Tu Coche-Larchmont
Las Fritas-Plastics
Los Blenders-Chavos Bien
Las Robertas-Marlene-Days Unmade
Deers-Trippy Gum-Demo

Diosque-Una Naranja-Constante
Nubes en Mi Casa+ El Robot Bajo el Agua-El Gigante
Los Waldners-Papalote-Eclipse Total De Corazon
El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado-Mujeres Bellas Y Fuertes-La Dinastia Scorpio
Alex y Daniel-Mundo Real-Alex & Daniel

Siddhartha-Bacalar-El Vuelo Del Pez
Apache Oraspi-Cantar el Jilgero
El-Haru Kuroi-Roja Luna-Cantagallo

Viva! Pomona: Handwritten Cardboard Signs and DIY Zines for a Hybrid Crowd

“I’ve never been to Pomona this much,” said my friend after we left The Glasshouse vicinity last Sunday night. “I’ve never been to Pomona this much…since my high school days!” I said in return and laughed. With the Viva! Pomona festival taking place over two days, I got the chance to visit the iconic Second Street venue as much as I did during my teens. The crowd was a mix, slightly leaning more towards the high school type, and why wouldn’t it? Two days of unsupervised festivities plus some good tunes brings out the young kid in all of us.

Oh to be young. I would have danced and moshed and crowd surfed just like the young-ins did on Sunday for Los Blenders and Santoros. Los Blenders, the Mexico D.F.  foursome with contagious surf pop riffs, had an impressive crowd gathered around the Radical Stage; the audience divided into the minority who knew their songs and the majority who was discovering their new favorite band.

Right after Los Blenders was Santoro, and any shyness the crowd had during the previous act disappeared as soon as the LA locals took the stage. The seven band members seemed crammed into the tiny stage, but they looked right at home as they kept up the energy and the party vibes with their own take on psychedelic surf rock.

The psychedelic party continued inside the actual Glass House venue, where Chicano Batman effortlessly weaved between fuzzy psych guitars, synth heavy tropicalia, and Spanish and English lyrics. Wearing their signature powder blue matching shirts that makes them look ready to play at weddings or quinceañeras, the guys made sure everyone was having a good time.  The rowdy guy behind me, however, was pretty upset when the band played their last song, and understandably so, as 30 minutes seem to fly by when you’re watching an entertaining band.

That was the same issue Saturday night when El Mato A Un Policia Motorizado took to the Glass House Stage. With their impressive 10 year catalog, El Mato has too many good songs to only play a half an hour; they deserve their own headlining tour stat, something we may see soon now that their La Dinastia Scorpio album is getting the proper U.S. release on July 29th via Nacional Records. 

If Sunday was about rowdy shouting, moshing and crowd surfing, then Saturday was its more chill and mellow cousin. The light afternoon breeze was perfect to catch the fading sun rays and soak up some tunes. In the Thomas Plaza, the Guadalaran band Dorotheo got the early crowd head bopping and swaying to their bilingual brand of experimental progressive sounds.

Another experimental delight in the Thomas Plaza was Monterrey born, Austin based Gus Goose. His one man show proved to be endearing and honest, and when I spoke to him after the show he seemed genuinely pumped up to be playing for the Pomona crowd. His music has the intimacy of bedroom pop yet the electronic components translate it in earnest for an outdoor setting.

Based on the quality of these previous acts, I’d say the event was a relative success. With a sold-out Sunday (most likely due to headliners Thee Oh See’s) this DIY festival with handwritten cardboard signs and photocopied zines is carving a deep niche within the local alternative kids. As it’s been pointed out, the inclusion of the ”Latin” bands didn’t seem a desperate attempt to cater to the Latino alternative crowd, but a genuine desire to showcase not only Anglo talent but imports from across the border as well. With the growing internalization of these hybrid English/Spanish and Anglo/Latin sounds within the music scene, we can only hope that next year there’s an even stronger line up, and maybe even printed schedules, that both the young and old can enjoy.

LAMC Day 1, Part 1: All I was missing was my Piña Colada

A free outdoor concert in Central Park was the perfect way to start off the LAMC. As part of its weekly free concert series, the Summer Stage welcomed Franco-Chilean Hip Hop darling Ana Tijoux, best known to American audiences as the singer of 1977, a song featured in the show Breaking Bad (season 4, episode 5) and EA Sports FIFA ‘11

Cindy’s camera braving the elements

No stranger to drawing an enthusiastic crowd, Tijoux played a rain soaked set, the audience dancing around as the heavy droplets got us caught in the rain. Always the socially conscious artiste, Ana Tijoux did not shy away from talking about issues of feminism, femicide, and the Palestine-Israeli crisis. Her music too speaks of social issues, and her set finishing piece was Somos Sur, the anthem of the underrepresented.

Tijoux finished her set just as night fell on Central Park and a firefly show was on full display. Im trying to find another word besides magical to describe that show but nothing else is fitting. It was pretty magical.

Part 2 to be continued…

Cindy’s DIY KUCI signage

The LAMC, the Latin Alternative Music Conference, is an annual gathering of the brightest Latin Alternative artists. Set in Manhattan over the course of 4 days, the conference is celebrating its 15th year as the go-to event for established artists as well as up and coming acts.

With concerts, panels, and press days, I’ll be representing KUCI and AlternLatino and the spirit of underground music.

Cindy Ly is the host/selector for AlternLatino, a KUCI show airing on Saturdays 2-4pm. For more information on the LAMC as well as Cindy’s adventures in New York, follow her on Twitter @cindy_ly and on tumblr alternlatino.tumblr.com